N is for Noggin, King of the Nogs

Todays picture may not mean a lot to you but he was an enduring part of my childhood.

Modelled on the Lewis Chessmen and loosely grounded in Tales of Nordic heroism he lived in a dense, rich fictional world that still fuels the imagination today.
The Saga of Noggin is recounted across a series of children’s tv shows and later a large collection of books, maps and other paraphernalia. I own quite a few of these, my most recent purchase being a wonderful collection called Nogmania.

Go and visit the Noggin the Nog website and take a look around to appreciate the richly woven tapestry that lay behind this series of children’s stories.

Take the time too to appreciate the richly detailed but never overpowering artwork which is so simply yet inimitably drawn… I’m almost ashamed to post my picture of Noggin now. Just treat it as bad fan art and move along quickly.




  1. Noggin wasn’t a part of my childhood, but anything vaguely Viking-ish is good in my book, and good for them kids.

    ( Hah, and going to that site is like entering an internet time machine 😉

  2. That’s a nice representation. My mum used to enjoy reading out these bedtime stories to me but would get somewhat boxed up with all her over-acting! The malapropism ‘Nogend The Dogend’ reduced her to hysterics, whilst my brother & I sat patiently asking for the rest of the tale…

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