Jetsons, Judge Jeffreys and King James

Today I was torn between the Jetsons and Judge Jeffries, the hanging judge. As a compromise, I’ve drawn a Jetsons picture and I will tell you a little about Judge Jeffreys.

judge Jeffreys was of the panel of judges chosen to preside over the Bloody Assizes.
Following a thwarted Rebellion against King James an army of thousands of rebels was imprisoned and so they Assizes were convened to speed up the Judicial process.
Under their remit, thousands were shipped off and sold into slavery,many hundreds were imprisoned but very very many were sentenced to death. Many were hung until dead and many more were hung, drawn and quartered, their body parts being displayed in a Grand Tour to discourage any would-be rebels.
As a reward for his devotion to duty (he became known as the hanging judge), King James appointed him as the kingdom’s youngest ever Lord Chancellor.

As an aside, I used to work for the Lord Chancellor (not Jeffreys, obviously) and am pleased to be able to tell you that he is a corking good employer. 🙂


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