A startling invention

I’ve come up with a great new idea. In a nutshell, it involves collecting all the letters in a pre-arranged order (for example, we might start off with A,B,C. I might try teaching it to kids and when everyone has fallen under the spell of thisvidea, I shall rule the world! oops! forget I said that last bit.

Anyway, I’ve come up with a brilliant name for my idea- I call it the “letterlist”.

I may embark upon a project to draw one of these each day… Or I may run out of steam after A.



  1. If you could conquer the world with alphabet and puns, we would all be kings. Unfortunately, it’s mathematics that RULEs the world. They aren’t called COUNTries without reason, you know?

    1. I think the floodgates. Are open- I’m two days ahead. I just need to decide what order everything should go in my all-new “letterlist” concept… I’m thinking maybe Q next… what a quandry!

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