All About Charlie


This is my pet parrot, Charlie.
Charlie is a Grey Parrot which means that he’s highly intelligent- although why the colour of his feathers makes such a big difference, I have no idea. If you have any idea, please contact me by any means possible as it’s driving me loopy.

Anyway, Charlie’s previous owner was a mean old man called Irving who had disappeared suddenly, leaving Charlie’s cage out in the street.

Irving had taught Charlie some simple words like “Be quiet!”, “Stay!” and “Bad boy!” which was handy as it meant I could send Charlie out to walk people’s dogs for loose change.

Charlie was a quick learner and loved to show off how much he knew about all kinds of subjects. We once spent three and a half hours talking about radium isotopes. Mum was furious when she got back from the employment agency to find that I was two hours late for school.

Still, Charlie made up for it by doing my homework for a week and seriously improving my grade average.

Mum was a trained lighthouse keeper but there wasn’t much call for that in the city. She used to keep her hand in by turning the front room lights on and off all night which I suppose must have worked as our 10th floor apartment was never hit by a single ship.




  1. I missed out on poor Charlie! He must be good at stealth. That would explain the grey feathers too. Hmm, there’s no ‘grey’ in my spell-checker – is this a conspiracy against Charlie and all Grey Parrots? I presume so!

    (I salute your mum for saving as from a new Titanic tragedy with her light-switching skills. That ship would go down like a stone, if he didn’t know he’s in the middle of a city.)

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