When Women Wuled the World

It was Ada Lovelace’s birthday this week. She’s always been on my radar but I hadn’t realised that she was Lord Byron’s daughter. This led my thoughts to ramble a little. Jane Austen, the Bronte’s X3, Ada Lovelace.

A fine bunch of women, all from the same period of time, all knocking the spots off their male counterparts.
Quite what the gentlemen were up to around these times I can’t begin to imagine. My best guess is that they were busy fighting wars or being foppish dandies.

Anyway, I include for your enjoyment a recently discovered portrait of Charlotte Bronte and her less-famous youngest sister, Betty, paying a visit to ye Olde West Riding Hair Salon.

Finally, I don’t think a weekly blog is going to work for me. I’ve lost all my impetus and flow (read the above for proof, it’s very dry). Maybe I’ll switch to 12 posts per day….



  1. The chance to switch to 12 posts a day was on the twelfth of the twelfth in the twelfth so now it’s lost in time! You’ll have to keep the impetus in different ways!

    Ada Lovelace has always been on my radar because she’s got the most awesome name and surname. I’m pretty sure she married the earl of Lovelace only to steal his Lovelace. Who wouldn’t!?

    And I also like how unkempt you made the hair of Betty, and how madly curly the hair of Charlotte are.

    1. Oddly, the marriage was a swiftly organised affair. It was a love of lace that brought them together and Ada was desperate to get her hands on his programmable lace-making looms. Up until then the machines lay idle as no one had “the skillz” of coding them. She even invented her own programming language which she unassumingly called ”Ada’.

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