Thank you all for persevering.


I know it’s been hard on you all having to put up with a daily post but it serves you right for following. This week I have to return to my day job (yawn!) and won’t have as much free time on my hands.

Hopefully, by dropping down to a weekly post, I’ll be able to raise the quality… if anyone has a preference for a particular day of the week or time of day (London time, please) let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you to all of my regular followers. Wether you are from Poland, Portugal, Portland, Polermo or Peyton Place, I really value your visits here and am thoroughly enjoying blogging. When I started, it was just for my own amusement but now I feel this blog is as much yours as it is mine and I truly value your feedback.

A big hello to all of you in the UK, US, Japan, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Canada, France, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Italy Columbia, Indonesia, India, Germany and the person from Sweden who visited one time only.

Keep on popping by… bring a friend if you like. Help yourselves to a cup of tea. There’s a cake just out of the oven so we’ll just give it a little while to cool down before I share it out to everyone.



  1. Bah, quality was all right. Even the goofiest stuff had charm.

    I don’t have a preference for a particular day of the week or time of day (nope, not even in London time.)

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