Free for all

Free to use story pitches for a variety of needs. Please help yourself.

1. Dafty Duck


The story of a mentally ill mallard who frequently suffers from fits of rage.
Along with his friends Pokey Pig, an overweight porker with a debilitating, stuttering speech impediment and Elmo Thud, a huntsman whose speech impediments include an inability to pronounce the letter “r”

Speech impediment and mental illness based hilarity ensues.

The character Bigs Bunny is probably best left well alone, for reasons that those who have been following this blog for a while will understand.

NB I have a sneaking suspicion that this idea may already have entered pre-production.

2. Topper Tales


A man keeps strange things hidden in his top hat. Hilarity ensues.
NB further amusement may be derived from the fact that his badly drawn muffler looks like a goatee beard tucked into his coat.

3. Monkey Go Bananas


Highly stylised mismatched monkeys attempt to retrieve bananas from an off shore island which is just beyond their each. Hilarity ensues.
(May be a good basis for a film starring Sylvester Stallone and someone else with a hairy back.

Plus it’s a good title.

4. Screw Ball
In austerity-ridden northern England, Arnold Mildew-Ball heads for Olde London Towne seeking his fortune. After weeks of futile searching, he is forced to cut off his left hand and sell his fingers and thumb as sausages on the black market (aka Spittalfields).
Bereft of his hands and bleeding profusely, he is found unconscious on the streets by Dr Frank Epstein who sews him back together fitting him with a prosthetic screw-headed assembly to which any number of tailor-made fittings may be attached.

Oh! Forgot to mention- hilarity ensues.

Now, pick up these ideas and run with them, you’re bound to make your fortune (I’ll take a 10% cut of your pre-tax profits).



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