Darwin and the Dodo

Charles Darwin. Undoubtedly a genius of science but…
For a lover of the natural world, he was not by any means a keen conservationist.

Whilst studying at Cambridge University, Darwin was President of the Glutton club, which prided itself on tracking down and eating ‘strange flesh’. This gang of ne’er do wells ate their way through some of the rarest creatures on earth including hawks, owls and bitterns.

This was not merely student hijinks however. Even on board the Beagle, he was fed and willingly ate Armadillos and huge rodents. Darwin described his dishes at this time as amongst the most delicious meets he had ever tasted.

One of the species on Darwin’s “must study” list was the Avestruz Petise, a rare small Rhea. After spending month upon month trying to track one down, he found one very close to home on his plate. He scraped his leftovers, including a wing and beak, into a preserving jar and based his studies upon this. This was apparently the point at which Darwin parted company with the Glutton Club, seeing the error of his ways.

We must give Darwin some credit though for avoiding fast food outlets such as Dunkin’ Dodos and Unicorn-u-like.




  1. I heard he collected beetles. Seems like a strange hobby, so no wonder he later turned to eating owls and armadillos. But also, good to know he isn’t responsible for unicorns’ extinction. That would make him a criminal of the worst kind.

      1. Are you suggesting Mr Darwin was NOT eating unicorns in order to support communism and communist tourism? I think you’re onto something here, killkaties. Yeah, I definitely see it now.

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