Rabbit Ransom

Okay folks, listen up and listen good. We may just be a drawing originally done by his daughter, Isobel but we’ve kidnapped Killkaties, see?

You’re not getting him back until you hand over a whole heap of carrots, see?

And we mean a WHOLE lot. We’re off now to do our Christmas hopping but when we get back, we want to see those carrots, got it?

I’m glad we understand each other. Now get digging.




      1. So you want to play hardball do ya? Let’s just hope this guy can still draw with the DAMAGE WE DO TO HIS FINGERS!!!
        You’ll be lucky to see him this side of Christmas if we don’t get CARROTS!

  1. Oh, for the love of… Am I the only person in the world who cares for this man’s fingers!? Or is the official stance of the blogging community “We’re not negotiating with rabbits”?

    This is my last gift to you:

    If this does not appease the kidnappers, I’m sending SWAT in:

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