Ramshackle Robot

Who would have thought it? A Victorian robot. Designed in an idle moment by Mary Shelley and built by a crack team headed by Charles Babbage.

(Incidentally, Mary Shelley was a timorous young filly who was too shy to ever ask Percy Shelley how he came by his curious middle name)



  1. I always preferred Mary to Percy. She’s way cooler.

    Why is the victorian robo so sad, though? I’d be high-fiving a million angels if I were designed by Mary and built by Charles. It’s definitely better than being built out of dead people by a mad scientist, innit?

    1. You’re probably right about Mary being cooler than Percy but only from our perspective. Being a drud-addled lothario was, I think, far cooler in their social circle.

      As to the robot’s melancholy look, I think it may be suffering from a touch of metal-fatigue from plodding up and down the huge stone staircases of vast damp country houses.

      Mary only had him built because Percy wouldn’t let her get a cat.

      1. Well, I’d have to agree that being a drug-addled lothario is rather cool. Even in our modern society. Still, creating Doctor Frankenstein and his monster puts Mary a couple notches higher in the hierarchy of cool, in my opinion.

        As to your explanation, for robot’s melancholy, I have to say that’s precisely why I clicked to follow your blog. You have the best explanations for stuff. Just magical. In my book you’re totally a drug-addled lothario! Even if you aren’t!

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