Long, hard slog

Producing this picture took flaming ages. I was not helped by the fact that I chose to draw a galleon.
My advice to all: do not attempt to draw a galleon.
If it continues to take me this long to produce a picture, I might just have to cut down on the number of posts. (Stop cheering at the back, there)

On another note, what’s going to happen next? Has the wizard met his end? Would this necessarily be a bad thing? Find out just as soon as I decide and then find the time to bash out my next picture!

Incidentally, I am aware of how poorly executed the final frame above is but by that point, I was beginning to lose the will to live… and I’m only doing this for fun!




    1. Thanks!
      I seem to be having real trouble replying to your comment, but love your blog. You might want to check out some of the visitors to this site- there’s lots of great stuff in a variety of media.
      Thanks for passing by.

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