It’s always fun to bounce ideas around and push them to their extremes. A few months back, I dreamed up a fantastic outline for a team of superheroes in the vein of Justice League of America but with completely opposing political views.

I dreamed up entire back stories to highlight how their superpowers came about and drew up various costume designs for each of them. When I looked back on them a day later, I realised that it would never work.

So, for your enjoyment, may I present…


Leon Trotsky was killed by assassins in Mexico, of all places. Their weapon of choice? An ice pick.
Presumably a misinformed alpine explorer had realised they wouldn’t be needing it in Mexico and had jettisoned it to save weight in their backpack.

Things played out differently in my befuddled little world where the ice pick imbued Trotsky with mystical powers and brought him back from the dead.

As I said, it would never have worked.

But I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, comrades!


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