This year, I finally managed to wield watercolour paints in an acceptable manner.

Up until then I’ve only been capable of producing streaky pictures that even a particularly in talented chimpanzee would be ashamed of.

The first pictures above are my attempt at Quentin Blake’s wonderful style. I was lucky enough to see Quentin in conversation with Sean Tan earlier this year and came away with signed copies of books by both of them.

Below, a homage to Richard Thompson. Richard is a truly inspirational cartoonist who has been forced to give up producing the unique Cul-de-SeaCat comic following the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. I’d rate him alongside Bill Watterson.



  1. The expressions of the characters in the last drawing made me giggle! Love the Arabel & Mortimer drawing too – I used to have a whole tape of those stories, but it got listened to so much that the tape eventually wore out.

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