The Sticky End

Uncle Frank was a very nice man but every time he sneezed, his nephew, Barney, would begin to float above the ground and remain in that position, holding on to whatever fixed object he could grasp lest he hit the ceiling, until Frank left the room.
It was for this reason that we generally kept uncle Frank locked in a small cage in the attic, where he fed upon spiders and roof beam splinters.
Barney went on to lead a double life- window-cleaning ukulele player by day, safe-cracking philatelist by night. He came to be known as Barney “Mad Hat” McGraw, which was odd because his surname was Wilson.
Barney came to a sticky end when a lorry-load of molasses was up-ended over him by a rival philatelist.
The moral of this story? Philately will get you nowhere.

If anyone can give me any tips on how to improve my background drawings, please give me some suggestions.

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